Germanic Helmet with Wild Boar Crest
7th Century CE. Benty Grange, England

Detail of Wild Boar Crest

Saxon Wild Boar Bronze Pendant
4th Century CE, Germany

Oland Die depicting Germanic Warriors with Wild Boar Helmet crests
7th Century CE. Torslunda, Danemark

Two intertwined Wild Boars
6th Century CE. Sutton Hoo, England

Viking Age Wild Boar Cloak Brooch
8th Century CE, Scandinavia

Anglo-Saxon Lyre Tuning Key with Boar terminal.
6th Century CE, England

WildBoar DETAIL on Hogbackstone from Heysham, Lancashire
8th Century CE. Heysham, England

Intertwined wild boars on Gold & Garnet purse lid
6th Century CE. Sutton Hoo, England

Boar Head Brooches
8th - 9th Century CE, England

Wild Boar stone Carving
8th Century CE, Isle Of Man

Wild Boar crest on helmet from
7th Century. Northamponshire, England

Wild Boar shaped Urn
3rd Century CE, Germany

Wild Boar heads on detail from Buckle
6th Century CE. Aker, Norway

Vandle helmet with bronze plates depicting wild Boar warriors, the Svinfylking
8th Century CE. Valsgarde, Sweden