Gilded Dragon Head on Harness bow
9th Century CE. Sollested, Denmark

Dragons on Gold Saxon belt buckle
6th century CE. Sutton Hoo, England

Intertwining Dragon embellished on silver Viking cup
9th century CE. Jelling, Denmark

Urnes style Dragon pendant from the Viking age
10th century CE, Norway

Dragon bracaette pendant
6th century CE. Scandinavia

Dragon brooch from the Viking age
7th century CE. Oland, Sweden

Gold Dragon Sheild mount
6th century CE. Sutton Hoo, England

Ringerike style Dragon from illuminated manuscript
11th century CE, England

Dragon Head from LongShip Prow
5th century CE, Holland

Intertwining Dragon on RuneStone
8th century CE. Uppsala, Sweden

Two Dragon Heads from Viking LongShip Prow
8th century CE. Oseberg, Norway

Jellinge style Dragon Bronze Jewelry Peice
7th century CE, England

Bronze Dragon headed Viking StrapEnd
10th century CE, Denmark

Dragons intertwined on Silver Viking Age disk brooch
9th century CE, England

Dragon headed Viking Age cloak brooch
10th century CE, England

Dragons in garnet and Gold
6th century CE. Sutton Hoo, England

Gold Dragon pendant in "gripping beast" style
9th century CE. Varby, Sweden

Intertwining Dragon mount in gold
6th century CE. Valsgarde, Sweden

Dragons intertwined on RuneStone
8th century CE. Lindkoeping, Sweden

Intertwining Dragon pendant
10th century CE. Lindholm Høje , Denmark

Dragon headed Zoomorphic Anglo-Saxon Strap-end
7th Century England

Anglo-Saxon Gold pendant depicting intertwined dragon
6th Century England

Gothic Dragon Brooch
5th Century, Germany

Fluted silver bowl from Gotland with gilded rim and interior roundel incised with intertwined dragons
10th century CE. Lilla Valla, Gotland

Saxon Dragon StrapEnd bronze with silver inlay
8th Century, England

Silver dragon strapend
9th Century CE. England

Carved stone monument depicting Dragons
11th Century CE. Arde, Gotland

Carved Dragon gables
8th Century CE, Sweden

Carved dragons on Bench
10th Century Sweden

Dragon headed Brooch
10th CenturyCE. Gotland, Sweden

Anglo-Saxon Gold Dragon - Sutton hoo sheild fitting
6th Century England

Dragon Headed belt buckle
7th CenturyCE, Germany

Anglo-Saxon dragon zoomorphic 3 Beast bronze strapend
8th Century, England

Dragon headed Whale bone Ironing board
7th Century CE, Norway

Illustration of Sigurd rock carving
10th Century CE. Ramsund, Sweden

Dragon Headed Thors Hammer
10th Century. Foss, Iceland

Dragon Headed Steering oar attachment from the Gokstad Viking Ship
9th Century CE. Gokstad, Norway

Carved dragon heads on Bed
8th century CE. Oseberg, Norway

Viking Age Mammen style Elk antler sword-hilt with Dragon
9th Century CE. Sigtuna, Sweden

Dragon headed Brooch
9th Century CE. Gotland, Sweden

Dragon brooch with intertwining Sepants
11th Century, Iceland

Dragon headed silver armring
9th Century CE, Sweden

Gold Dragon headed brooch
8th Century Denmark

Dragon headed Strapend
6th Century CE, England

Carved dragons on Bench
10th Century Sweden

Silver Dragon headed brooch
7th Century. Vestfold, Norway

Carved dragons on restored prow of the Oseberg Ship
8th century CE. Oseberg, Norway

Carved Dragon head from walking stick
10th Century. Dublin, Ireland